Smoking essay 250 words

It is merely out of laziness.

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In the UK, smoking is responsible for around one in five deaths. Other students take up smoking due to the family problems, especially when they see their parents having quarrels.

A lot of money which could have been used to start projects that will spearhead growth of the economy is being directed to treat these diseases.

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Now, however, if a woman is seen smoking, she is seen as having a disgusting habit. The leading preventable cause of death, killing nearly six million people worldwide each year is Tobacco, and smoking is the most famous and fashionable new trend of Tobacco consumption.

Second-hand smoke is caused by smoking, which can harm children and adults that inhale or exhale smoke that surrounds them.

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Hence if I get a chance to ban anything in the world, it will be smoking. Opponents of this topic would say it is difficult to avoid being exposed to smokers that are in doorways or in a main public area. There are actually several reasons that scientists believe is the….

Smoking essay 250 words

There are a lot of human behavior that can be observed, observed and predicted. Smoking should be prohibited completely because of the harmful physical and social effects it has on smokers and the non-smokers they associate with. Smoking became a huge hit especially among teenagers. Lung cancer is one of the most vicious cancers around and it is caused by long term smoking. It can lead to harmful diseases such as cardiovascular disease, which causes heart conditions. Essay on Tobacco and Cigarette Smoking - One person dies every six seconds due to a tobacco related disease, which results in a shocking amount of ten deaths per minute. UAE faces a lot of negative effects related to tobacco such as cardiovascular disease which counted by Other students take up smoking due to the family problems, especially when they see …show more content… So why do students smoke and what effects smoking has on them? My first cigarette was not to my liking, as this caused a very uncomfortable burning sensation in the throat, nose and mouth. Second-hand smoke is just as bad as smoking a cigarette. However, not all negative aspects of our lives are earth shattering, some are more personal like smoking. In October , it was estimated that one third of year olds smoke. Why they risk their health just for cigarettes. There are many dangerous chemicals in tobacco products.

This made it even harder to try and stop considering I was surrounded by people who were all willing to give me one

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Stop Smoking Essay