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This form of free verse allows the poet a freedom for subtle rythmic variety, for example using assonance, or making words look like they rhyme.

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In his own way, and with his own pen, Heaney develops the idea of mechanized men who, through the drudgery and repetition of their lives, create a life for them and their families, taking pride in their work, and acceptance of t The speaker listens to the rhythm of the sound produced by the digging of his father and grandfather.

Heaney does not use pretentious elaborate visual description that is 'sugar coated' in the way that memories usually are.

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The author wrote this poem about "digging potatoes" about his father - but this is only superficial. I shall begin with studying two poems by Seamus Heaney - Digging and Mid term break, which deal with feelings about his father and the loss of his brother. I shall then compare these to two of D The first dig is tough, and his father has to work really hard, this is similar to when Heaney starts to write his poem.

Whatever the reason is, they were digging for their survival.

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Heaney transmits this message through a variety of literary techniques. He rooted out tall tops, buried the bright edge deep To scatter new potatoes that we picked, Loving their cool hardness in our hands. However, his efforts, perhaps in part because they are so clear, risk falling a little flat. But 'Digging' is about the writer's memories of his 'old man' and how well he could 'Digging'. Heaney does not use pretentious elaborate visual description that is 'sugar coated' in the way that memories usually are. The reader may have never seen or participated in any of these activities and thus have no idea what they would sound like, but the diction Heaney chooses to use lets the reader hear these sounds. In stanza 3, the narrator begins to describe his father's work in great detail. Ireland is on of few countries left in Europe that still have turf bogs. In both these poems Heaney puts emphasis on many subjects related to his life such as his childhood memories of growing up in Northern Ireland and the conflict there. Then, in the second half of the third stanza and in the fourth stanza, Heaney takes the reader back in time and recollects the picture of his father digging for potatoes. The poem depicts the scenario where the poet remembers his father and forefathers, and the lineage he belongs from. Jackson, Alvin. For instance, it indicates the power that writing can have. Vendler, Helen.
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