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NET and Go, but is especially prevalent in Java, where there is no central library offering high level processing of archive e. The fields in the local header are filled with zero, and the CRC and size are appended in a byte structure optionally preceded by a 4-byte signature immediately after the compressed data If ::Zip::InputStream finds such entry in the zip archive it will raise an exception.

If bit 3 0x08 of the general-purpose flags field is set, then the CRC and file sizes are not known when the header is written. Default permissions of zip archives On Posix file systems the default file permissions applied to a new archive are - umaskwhich mimics the behavior of standard tools such as touch.

When modifying a zip archive the file permissions of the archive are preserved.

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The lack of such a library led to vulnerable code snippets being hand crafted and shared among developer communities such as StackOverflow. Crucially, the paths can be relative paths like.. They create a zip file that contains malicious versions of the files they want to overwrite. Or, as Snyk puts it: The vulnerability exists when the extraction code omits validation on the file paths in the archive. On Windows the default file permissions are set to as suggested by the Ruby File documentation. Now might also be a good time to look at whether or not a standard library would be a better option, whether your systems are configured with defence in depth in mind, and if your applications are operating in accordance with the principle of least privilege. The Zip file format allows files to be stored with paths that specify where those files should be placed when the archive is unzipped.

As you might guess from its fancy name — Zip Slip — the vulnerability is all about Zip files. They create a zip file that contains malicious versions of the files they want to overwrite. Unfortunately, that coding faux pas has been committed in multiple software libraries, in multiple languages, which has the affect of spreading it far and wide whilst making it harder to fix.

But there is one exception when it is not working - General Purpose Flag Bit 3.

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Behind the Disclosure: The Zip Slip Vulnerability