Relationship between ethical advertising and brand loyalty marketing essay

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This indicates that the main qualification for a woman to get a job is her complexion and attractiveness. Advertising is defined as a mean of communication used by the marketers to persuade, encourage or change consumers to take some action.

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Doonar, J. Journal of Business Research, 62 3 , — Product customer-brand relationship, one of them being a negative brand affect was measured using a three-item scale impact on purchase intention. The same is true for the other senses: The way a product feels, smells and looks like is very important for developing lasting relationships between brands and consumers as only certain colours and scents can influence if consumers identify themselves with a brand or not. It will be researched how Dove Unilever and Nivea Beiersdorf use their communications and branding strategies to connect with consumers and to establish brand loyalty in Germany and the UK. Sonntag, 2. However, our case involves a high power agree-disagree scale, except for the CPE scale which was situation due to the large sample size, a very high reliability measured using a 5-point scale. An example would be fast food restaurants eliminating the use of hydrogenated oils even before trans fats were banned. Psychology, 88 5 , — It shouldn't make consumer the butt of the joke. Pascale, Thus, the external validity, the extent to which the results can be applied to other situations and people, is questionable which gives the results a more tentative and vague nature Gall et al. Sonntag, 4. Is it important to be an ethical brand? Advanced Technology such as, smartphones, notebook computers, tablets, televisions, radios, and all the other different kinds of technology, have given advertisers infinite platform, to exert there influence and pressure on the consumer. However, future studies must con- recommendation.

However, focus groups also have disadvantages, such as their external validity. European Journal of Marketing, 37 7level variables such as private versus manufacturer labels.

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Even though the study has some weaknesses such as the relatively small sample size and the fact that it only considers university students and that customer satisfaction is only measured at one specific point in time, its findings are very useful for this research.

Customer loyalty: Toward an and Brand Management, 15 7— In addition to that, focus groups are more interesting and exciting for the participants as they meet new people they can share their thoughts with and they can have a discussion in a nice environment.

Customer satisfaction alone is not enough.

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Introduction What is advertising? Nevertheless, collected for the fast moving consumer goods FMCG after we released plausible restrictions on some correla- sector using an online consumer panel. Even in their adverts they may have always used ethical advertising which is why consumer put there complete trust in such brands. Moreover, in a connected world that has made All constructs included in the model were operational- brands more transparent, truly ethical behavior will be ized through survey measurements from pre-existing scales necessary to succeed in any marketplace. Brands need to find the way to communicate a affective and behavioral dimensions as well. Ethics tends to focus on the individual or marketing group decision, while social responsibility takes into consideration the total effect of marketing practices on society. In the last fifty years there has been an economic shift from production to consumption which has put the consumers in a position of power. In order to investigate how brand loyalty is affected the term needs to be closer defined as well. People want to feel engaged and involved in a community and this feeling of being involved can be provided by a certain brand experience. In fact, Moreover, Brunk b, p.

Of course, brands should behave ethically indepen- equity. Under this such as outcome variables and CSR investments, and other perspective, the brand becomes the experience and, in company inputs such as antecedent variables. The advantage of this strategy is that it can be applied to contemporary real-life situations.

Relationship between ethical advertising and brand loyalty marketing essay

Iglesias, O. Nevertheless, it has to be taken into consideration, that emotional appeals might work well for certain brands while they do not work for others. Other sources of secondary data which will be used are, for instance, databases, information published by companies e. Journal of Business Research, 63 11 , — Thus, the secondary research is not only based on qualitative data, but also on quantitative data. Brand Management, 17 8 , — Brands shouldn't over promises, and if indeed they do they have to than adhere to delivering it. Unsolicited approaches are these days almost synonymous with direct marketing and has left the industry with a tainted reputation. Since then, advertisers have battled with the moral issues involved with "fair" advertising. WARC report [omitted for model of organizational trust. Journal of Consumer One of the Dove research reports are shown below and this is how they justify their advertising campaign. Analytic induction, which is a research methodology that develops concepts by examining similarities between different social incidents, is an appropriate method to analyse data. Literature review The books review highlights the study of these authors who have made efforts in reference to ethical advertising and its own impact on brand loyalty among the users of cosmetics. Within the period of 21st century, Photography croping and editing techniques such as Photoshop are widely-used.

In this research it will be investigated if emotions have the same significance for enhancing brand loyalty in the personal care industry. According to Krishnaswamy et al.

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Social Responsibility & Ethics in Marketing