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Probably the most striking and unusual aspect of the painting is the peculiar perspective. In the later replica,this figure has been replaced by a portrait of a woman.

what is the story behind van gogh?s ?bedroom in arles?

Van Gogh must have liked the picture. He also decorated the house with paintings of sunflowers and put the rooms together.

Sketch from a letter to Gauguin Van Gogh included sketches of the composition in this letter as well as in a letter to Gauguin, written slightly later.

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Oil on canvas, Interestingly, the unusual perspective isn't necessarily explained solely because of Van Gogh's conscious stylistic choice. The door to the right opened on to the upper floor and the staircase; the door to the left was that of the guest room he held prepared for Gauguin; the window in the front wall looked on to Place Lamartine and its public gardens. The bedroom itself remains intact: its owners advertised it for rental earlier this month. The bright, cheerful little room has become a field of rapid convergences, sharp angles, and contrasts of high color. This is one of the aspects that makes the painting so unique and easily recognizable. Van Gogh must have liked the picture. This is not entirely a result of working fast or a lack of skill. To find out more:.

The wooden bed and the chairs, yellow like fresh butter; the sheet and the pillows, lemon light green. The Dutch artist painted the second version inafter a stay in the hospital, and Casadio said his dark mood was reflected in the work.

In The Bedroom the miniature portrait to the left recalls van Gogh's Peasant of Zundert self-portrait. And that is all--there is nothing in this room with its closed shutters.

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For his high-strung nature, the most relaxed perceptions were already charged and restless. The plan was for the artist Paul Gauguin , who was a friend of Vincent and his art dealer brother Theo, to join Vincent in Arles. Within that system are interesting alternations of tones - the yellow and orange of the furniture, the green and yellow of the window: these remind us of primitive pattern of color. But in such a view with 'a rushing series of lines, furrows rising high on the canvas', Van Gogh found an expression of 'calmness, of great peace. In a letter to his brother, Theo, Vincent wrote: My eyes are still tired by then I had a new idea in my head and here is the sketch of it. The X-ray data helped researchers develop color maps of the paintings in their original forms, and she conceded that the maps may not be precisely what Van Gogh painted. All the same he does achieve a certain sparseness through his composition made up almost entirely of straight lines, and through a rigorous combination of coloured surfaces, which compensate for the instability of the perspective. Its walls are a deeper purple, the wooden furniture a contrast of browns and beige, and the floorboards have a dark reddish hue. His painting of his bedroom was done with excitement and a hope for the future preparing to welcome his friend and fellow artist. This house, his Studio of the South, was supposed be the height of his artistic vision. And that is all--there is nothing in this room with its closed shutters. But his feelingof repose in paintings so full of movement is also the outcome of a kind of cathartic process; by projecting movement into nature, he is relieved of tensions and wins a real peace. In the letter to his brother he included a sketch of The Bedroom and then the very next day he wrote to Gauguin and included a sketch with that letter too!

Portraits on the walls, and a mirror and a towel and some clothes.

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Vincent van Gogh: The Paintings (Vincent's Bedroom in Arles)