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In fact the whole movie is a rich, spacious, passionate way of showing, not telling, feelings that dare not speak their name - and doing so with superb intelligence and magnificent candour. It is a glorious, revelatory experience, and safe from society's disapproval on that remote Arcadian spot they are at one with their own natures and with nature itself.

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The first batch of these films, including BuddiesParting Glancesand Desert Hearts4 used realistic storytelling conventions to explore coming out, romance, and AIDS. But to the end she maintains the fiction. Four years after the parted ways, Jack, who lives in Texas, sends Ennis a postcard telling him that he is coming to Wyoming, where Ennis lives.

Griffin, S. Jack proposes that they forsake their former lives and set up a ranch together, but Ennis is too haunted by the aforementioned childhood memory to feel anything but fear and shame of such a proposal.

However, Ennis and Jack's relationship seems to be normalized by their feelings concerning each other, and is only made foreign by the social and cultural consequences involved with their relations.

He is deeply conflicted about his homosexuality and his attraction to Jack, who is his only male lover. Homosexuality is legally a serious crime in most Islamic nations and is a taboo subject even in the few nations where it is legal. This is another reason what the final closet scene was symbolic of discrimination our largely heterosexual society still faces today; many people feel obligated to hide their feelings and true sexual orientations because it is not accepted, or is portrayed in a satirical way or as a joke.

Then, ina new crop of gay and lesbian films made waves at several international festivals. The scene in which Jack was beaten to death was a figment of Ennis's imagination.

In response to this argument, this essay would like to examine Brokeback Mountain which fits the category of both indie film and N. She enlarges on her statement that our culture is to blame, by arguing that the problem starts with the school system.

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