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The Virtual University of the Monterrey Institute of Technology in Mexico uses a combination of print, live and recorded broadcasts, and the Internet to deliver courses to students throughout Mexico and in several Latin American countries.

Learning with the technology means focusing on how the technology can be the means to learning ends across the curriculum. Does ICT-enhanced learning really work? OS is system software that manages computer hardware and software resources and provides common services for computer programs.

Interactive radio likewise makes use of sound effects, songs, dramatizations, comic skits, and other performance conventions to compel the students to listen and become involved in the lessons being delivered.

Thus, if one goes by the definition of UNDP then the ICT tools includes varied sets of goods, as well as information and the services and applications. Broadly speaking, educational television broadcasts and computer-based and online learning are more expensive than radio broadcasts.

All teachers may not be competent to develop diagnostic test and especially CBDT. ICT here, act as a mediator of the cognitive development of the students.

For social constructivists, learning must be active, contextual and social.

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Second, it addresses the four broad issues in the use of ICTs in education—effectiveness, cost, equity, and sustainability. ICT provides flexibility to learners which are denied by the traditional process and method. This would result in lower academic grades. This will develop confidence in students and may change their attitude towards the subject.

Founded in with support from Hewlett Packard, ITP provides project-based online mentoring support to 5th to 12th grade and university students, especially from at-risk communities.

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