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Most consist of reports of original research and analysis of scientific observations. Depending on the nature of the article, a Results section may not be necessary.

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All manuscripts are required to have a Conclusion section. They collect and interpret toxicological specimens of body tissues and fluids to determine the chemical cause of accidental overdoses or deliberate poisonings. The second is to commence training in anatomical pathology, and complete an initial anatomical pathology examination, which takes a minimum of three years; then go on to train solely in forensic pathology and complete a forensic pathology examination, which takes a minimum of two years. Forensic pathology is a sub-specialty by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons. Note that there is no pre-medicine program, making the total duration of formal education for one to become a forensic specialist 9 years. Discussion only. Examples include reproduction of figures, table, images, and some types of direct quotes. In the United Kingdom , membership of the Royal College of Pathologists is not a prerequisite of appointment as a coroner's medical expert. Letter to the Editor Letters to the Editor should address a previously published article. It is acceptable to use author-defined subheadings within this section to organize different topics within the manuscript. Discussion The discussion should briefly summarize the findings of the study and then to draw appropriate conclusions and sometimes, give opinions. In others, the law requires the medical examiner to be a physician, pathologist, or forensic pathologist. Letters to the Editor are not the appropriate format to present new scientific data; these should be submitted as manuscripts.

Three schools that have training programs are the University of Toronto, University of Alberta, and Mcmaster University.

Samantha Ryan, the primary character in the British drama series Silent Witness.

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Anatomic pathology as it is called by itself is a three-year residency. Abstract, Discussion, Conclusion.

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Results The results section should summarize the findings of the study. While no specific rules will be enforced, it is generally more effective for the title to simply state the findings rather than pose a question or use flowery references.

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