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Write a short summary of each of the studies. First Study.

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This week, your assignment is to prepare an outline for the Final Paper that is due next week. The data can be rearranged in an ascending order as follows: Value x x- mean x-mean 2 2.

You may select any social science problem or topic; however, it must be something that has been studied using quantitative research methods. Golomb, Essay 3 Descriptive statistics are digits that are used to summarize and describe a given range of data Klenke, Basic descriptive data includes, mean, median, mode, variance and standard deviation.

For each of the three to five quantitative research studies selected from peer-reviewed sources that were published within the last five yearsthe outline should include a heading for the study and the sub-headings for Introduction, Methods, and Results.

The Final Paper will focus on critiquing the varying statistical approaches used in each of these studies and assess the strengths and weaknesses of each as it relates to the study of the problem or topic identified.

This is because there is no GPA is not only influenced by intelligent quotient but it is also influenced by other external factors like Education background, family background, social and political environment among other factors.

The null hypothesis of this experiment states that there is no effective vaccine for preventing getting the flu while the alternative hypothesis states that there is an effective vaccine for preventing getting the flu.

psy 325 week 5 final exam

This week, utilize the Ashford University Library to select the three to five research studies which investigate the particular social science problem or topic you have chosen.

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Psy week 5 final paper