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Since the findings cannot be generalized to the general public, we need to know exactly who and how they relate to the project, as well as what kind of a process took place.

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However, the fact that there are divergences does not mean that the qualitative method is not reliable, since qualitative research does not seek the truth, which, often mistakenly, is treated as a quantification of reality. For example, with respect to procedural rigor, very few studies address questions such as the relation between the researcher and study participants, leaving doubts as to the ethical nature of the study and ignoring the implications of this relationship, principally when researchers study their own patients BRADLEY; CURRY; DEVERS, As such, many articles only present a commented overview of what was read. These observations are not limited to national research. Selected articles: 1. Mixed methods: Integrating quantitative and qualitative data collection and analysis while studying patient-centered medical home models. Too often, novice qualitative researchers stay at the descriptive level when they present their findings. The good news is that the number of publications resulting from qualitative health studies has increased. Integrating the grounded theory method and case study research methodology within IS research: A possible road map. Sofaer , researcher at the School of Public Affairs in New York, poses that data analysis is a major challenge since data obtained in the field is typically suggestive and rarely conclusive.

Building theories from case study research. Some authors simply present the results and interpret them.

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Qualitative research should reveal more abstract aspects of the phenomenon and dive deep to help the reader understand them. Classificamos o material nas categorias: consistente, pouco consistente e inconsistente. It is not meant for studies of cause-and-effect relationships. International Journal of Market Research, 57 2 , The study found that the strategies used on the Facebook page were very successful, especially the Friday Thinker posts that received responses from different individuals, including individuals who were not students. We concluded that the majority of the articles had scientific validity and suggest that journals covering the health field should provide specific norms for articles produced from qualitative studies. Do the findings answer the research question s? Telematics and Informatics, 33,

Reconceptualizing Qualitative Evidence. Some authors measure the effectiveness of their research through the surprises they encounter when they go to the field OLIVEIRA,always with reference to other studies when they exist.

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