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Live pictures must be responsibly broadcast. Social media techniques are helping organizations, education sectors, and career builders. To the extent the constitution of Pakistan is concerned, its Article 15 pronounces that each subject will have the privilege to move uninhibitedly all through Pakistan. Since independence, corruption and mismanagement have become common norms. PEMRA and Freedom of Media The Authority is responsible for facilitating and regulating the establishment and operation of all broadcast media and distribution services in Pakistan. The media bring us all the incidents and developments in the political life of our country and of all other countries. The delayed process of reconciliation and agreement, on this only document to govern the state is a serious threat to national cohesion and integration. It brings information readily; thus, play a significant role in our society. Media are a great source of information and entertainment for all type of people. If media are stopped from yielding information to the public, the entire world would plunge into darkness and ignorance. It has a great role to play in the progress of a nation. Changes moods and behavior of people from conservative to liberal. The media has realized its power and ability to penetrate an innocent mind and they are exercising it so savagely. Journalists have been intimated and humiliated by the International Islamic University, Islamabad 23 Role of media in Pakistan April 29, denizens of power and their agents.

Is this what they are working for? Creates civic sense. In homes, even one home has many TV sets as different people watch different programmes according to their age and liking and disliking. There are loud reactions and talk about the important news and matters people hear about.

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Women education, health, labour force participation, mobility, decision making etc, all reflect the unique situation of women in Pakistan. The TV channels can show us the dangerous places which we should avoid visiting. The Opportunities of communication have broken all barriers across national boundaries and have led to the germination of new ideas through the cross pollination of cultures. It must control all negative aspects and highlight good so that the results are positive. It has made possible distant learning. The exceedingly complex marketed media have gained so power that they realizes how to affect the human mind. Tiny is made mighty and vice versa-on the grounds of personal grudges or at the behest of the owners. They analyze government actions, either in favor or against the masses and develop the opinions of the experts. As a result, the government considers it as humiliation and defeat. This also improved the transmission of information. When something comes about the national interests, it is the responsibility of media to handle the situations and prosperity of the country.

It will be like a ship without a captain. The rights of the women are abused, and such abuse is referred to the culture and customs and here- say, this victimization is devoid of any ideological, religious and legal and Constitutional basis. Women education, health, labour force participation, mobility, decision making etc, all reflect the unique situation of women in Pakistan.

More materialism by diminishing simplicity.

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It has to be very careful and responsible for its role.

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Essay On Role of Media with Quotations