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The Atlantic salmon migrates to cold, fresh water in late spring or early summer, swimming upstream at an average rate of up to 6. As we can see the Indians gave us many items that give us our culture, Native Indians can be said that they are basically our culture.

Every individual has different perspectives on what is right and wrong when it comes to PDA Our head of State, the Prime Minister, holds too much power. Introduction What is Canada. We can be absolutely positive that if we ask anybody with reasonable sanity about the Maple Leaf or the Mounted Police they will surely say Canada.

They called the head of the stick used in the game la crosse because it resembles a bishop's crosier or cross.

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The Seven Years' War between Great Britain and France resulted in the conquest of New France by the British in at the Battle of the Plains of Abraham , an event that reverberates profoundly even today in the national consciousness of Quebecers. Individualism: Score 80 Canada can be characterized as an Individualist culture with a score of Some of these animals live elsewhere, but when people think of theses animals, they think Canada. Adult males travelling toward the spawning grounds are known as dog salmon Encyclopaedia Britannica, Multiculturalism and the state of inter-ethnic relations in Canada is relaxed and tolerant, allowing ethnic or linguistic particularism to exist unquestioned. A Canada where many Chinese Canadians sincerely identify themselves as a part of the country - considering it as their home. They show this from the things they hunt and the items they make totem poles, with many sacred animals carved into them. This kind of history has its place, of course, but our history has become so specialized, so segmented, and so narrow that we are missing the national story in a country that has one and needs to hear it. The antlers are shed each year after the mating season, by which time they can attain a spread of 1. One species of beaver occurs in North America, the other in Eurasia. Some countries you hate. Conservative in politics, distrustful or even hostile towards Americans, republicanism, and especially American republicanism, [14] this group of people marked the British of British North America as a distinctly identifiable cultural entity for many generations, and Canadian commentators continue to assert that the legacy of the Loyalists still plays a vital role in English Canadian identity. In short, we cater all kinds of requests from every part of the world including personalized feel into it. John George Diefenbaker had taken an opposition towards Pearson's idea of the Canadian flag and that Britain should be honored on the flag of Canada.

Diefenbaker, the leader of the Conservative party insisted on incorporating the union jack, but the Liberals and NDP disagreed. But it is at the heart and no multiple set of bypass operations could rescue that mythology if Quebec were to leave.

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