Deer farming business plan

See more. Since then human beings started keeping wild animals with them inside their house.

is deer farming legal in india

Eight foot fence is normally adequate for containing most species of farmed deer; however, check with your state for special regulations that may apply.

Main importance of deer farming business are shortly described below. Feeding Deer usually like to eat grass, leaves, corn, grain etc.

This industry is based on one thing — antler scores. On one prime acre of land, you may accommodate adult whitetail deer, adult fallow deer, adult red deer, axis deer and elk. Deer farming is among those.

This is one area I would not recommend going cheap as many a prized animal have been lost using inferior systems. Another important issue is the existence of chronic wasting disease CWD among deer.

musk deer farming in india

Witnessing any system in operation with live animals prior to purchase is a must do.

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Deer Farming Business Information & Guide