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Europe moved closer to war as these actions were made If the French had opposed us then we would have had to withdraw. Spartans - It is difficult to address the reasons for an empire to attack a growing threat.

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Our forces were not strong enough to even put up with moderate resistance. Germany, Italy and Japan wanted power, so they took aggressive action that not even The League of Nations could stop.

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Protectionism doomed global trade while powerlessness wrecked the League of Nations. Nonetheless there is however a general consensus amongst historians that the frightful events of world war one, distilled a sense of fear and regret amongst British society, and consequently Britain strived to prevent any future war, through whatever means necessary. Britain and France allowed Hitler time to prepare for the war. To date, there is still no single cause identified. The Orthodox view of France was described as of a deeply divided and politically unstable country, which was obsessed with security and defense. There is a subsequent amount of evidence to suggest the policy of appeasement was a failure due to events including the Abyssinian Crisis, the Reoccupation of the Rhineland, The Anglo-German Naval Agreement, the Spanish Civil War and the Anschluss. Historians argue whether this policy was effective. Hitler now knew that he could continue doing as he pleased because both Britain and France were so fearful of war that they would do anything to prevent it. They gave Hitler what he wanted in order to keep the peace. It will then determine the role of media on pro and anti-social behavior and will finally discuss individual, social and cultural diversity in pro and anti-social behavior. There are several reasons why this was the correct policy to take. Extermination is nearly as difficult. He believed that Germany had been punished too severely and wanted revenge; because he had such a strong government and military, there were many ways of going about stopping him. Appeasement is allowing for something to occur without repercussions since it is hoped that an aggressors actions will cease Great Britain and France used this with Germany to avoid entering another war Both British and French leaders wanted to avoid the horrors of another war.

Protectionism doomed global trade while powerlessness wrecked the League of Nations. Churchill was one of the best known political leaders of the twentieth century.

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On the other hand, the appeasers were wrong by assuming Hitler was a rational politician.

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The Policy of Appeasement Essay