An analysis of meret oppenheims surrealist painting stone woman

meret oppenheim stone woman

Although Oppenheim is normally aligned with Surrealism, her daring use of found objects is straight-up Dada. The scarlet nails are reminiscent of blood and augment this impression.

That she was a female in a male dominated art world was also very meaningful and inspiring. It featured a live woman later replaced by a mannequin garnished with fish, fruit and nuts.

meret oppenheim object

The symbolism unfolds before us like the plot of a sinister novel. The large grey stone with the white striations, takes ones eye directly to that spot in the center of the painting. Unlike with Oppenheim, this revolt of thought plays out through a male lens.

Figure One.

An analysis of meret oppenheims surrealist painting stone woman

Both tea and fur were then as now a mark of civilization, sipped and worn by refined ladies. The oval form of the tray and deep crevice between the shoes is vaguely vaginal and, especially in a dining context, hints at oral sex. Her references are intentional. With its pelt, the teacup becomes soft, rounded, and highly tactile. In doing so, the mind was truly free to wander in an automaton state and make its connections based on the subconscious rather than the learned conscious of society. As she noticed, they were intended to hide our true animal nature. One that the woman could be nurturing and warm at heart, fertile, or something towards a sexual reference. The stones have two conflicting functions. While the viewer can imagine the warmth of wearing gloves, they repel from a perceived sense of mutilation. The Earth explodes, the sphere is shattered, and the thoughts spread across the universe, here they live on in distant stars. The artist held a "fertility feast" in Bern earlier that year and invited three couples to feast on fruits, nuts and shellfish, presented on the body of a naked female model.

The body of Stone Woman cast diagonally across the picture adds the dramatic edge. Oppenheim was born in Switzerland in and raised by her grandparents. The artist has encapsulated nearly every imaginable sexual fetish.

meret oppenheim le dejeuner en fourrure
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An Analysis of Meret Oppenheim's Surrealist Painting Stone Woman