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The arrest is a remarkable fall from grace for a man regarded as one of the most powerful executives in the auto industry.

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This drama comes at an awkward moment for Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's reform push, which enters its sixth year next month.

The grounds for arresting Ghosn and his conveniently foreign fellow board member Greg Kelly may likely seem ridiculous.

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As chairman of all three companies he has done more to keep the alliance together than all the group's cross-shareholdings. Raising compensation could improve performance, boost return on equity and rekindle Japan's animal spirits by increasing incentives for risk-taking. Ghosn of his position as chairman, and Mitsubishi did the same on Nov. Nevertheless, Ghosn refused to rule out a future partnership with an American automaker, and it was still an open question as to where the remarkable career trajectory of Carlos Ghosn would finally take him. Granted, both men were representative directors meaning they had both the power to do so and symbolic responsibility for potentially all acts of the company in theory. He is seen as an innovator for how he later engineered an arrangement that allowed the two automakers to operate like a single carmaker, sharing the cost of developing new models and buying components together. Along with Ghosn's alleged imperiousness, Saikawa complained that the domestic Japanese market has been undervalued by the Renault-Nissan partnership. In , Nissan acquired a 34 percent stake in Mitsubishi, bailing the company out after it was caught falsifying fuel economy estimates. Within two years Michelin's South American division had turned a profit.

No more coasting along for Japanese bosses. Stay ahead with our exclusives on Asia Sign up to our newsletters to get our best stories delivered straight to your inbox. In his first year, Ghosn had to develop a restructuring plan that took continuing slow sales into account; Nissan's model line was widely viewed as having fallen behind those of rivals Toyota and Honda technologically.

A story of carlos ghosns management a

Ghosn was pilloried in the press, but the aggressive cost-cutting worked and stabilized Nissan finances. Can Ghosn keep his job?

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Ghosn had a reputation for rewarding good performance and expecting to be rewarded for his job performance. Because a portion of that was coming from a company controlled by the French government, it could have meant the loss of his job because he was, in effect, evading their 30 percent compensation reduction. The tough standards that are -- finally -- being applied to Ghosn must also apply to others. At the same time, in executive compensation came into focus in France when an outcry from populist forces, similar to Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren in the United States, questioned the effect on income inequality. The judiciary becomes involved very soon after an arrest in a way that may seem superficially similar to other countries but is actually quite different. And the only zero-emissions vehicle available today is electric It would most certainly trigger investigations and restrictions on his ability to complete his strategic plan over the next few years before he retired. That is why to Ghosn, the news of his total compensation was something to avoid at all costs. Prosecutors in Japan can hold a suspect for 72 hours for initial questioning. We need a witness. That becomes the main focus now.

Under the Code of Criminal Procedure, detention is essentially an investigative tool used to interrogate suspects and develop evidence. Ghosn broke with tradition by closing five factories and cutting some 21, jobs.

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Under strict bail conditions, Ghosn remains at a house, under hour camera surveillance, with no internet access.

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Demystifying the fall of Carlos Ghosn