A review of no bs direct marketing a book by dan kennedy

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In this environment, the ordinary and normal are ignored, the cautious and calm messages unnoticed. Does your website do that now?

If you have a direct mail-out asking for a reply, write "Put it in the mail.

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You need to follow up on Anyone who asks for information from you. Basically, you want to keep contacting people until they die, buy or tell you not to contact them anymore.

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Stop sending out anything without clear instructions. It's aimed at building a relationship to avoid waste in advertising. These three cannot be placed in any certain sequential order, because anyone is no more important than the other, and none can function without the others. If they buy a delivery van, they expect it to start and run so it can make deliveries. To be in control, to be in what I call The Income at Will Position, you must have well-kept, ready-to-use lists including email and physical address. They can also be comparison shopped easily, and they encourage this. If they pay a laborer by the hour, they expect him to clock in, be there, and work for the hour. Spend your time wisely. You have to ask for action in order to measure and track the performance of every ad. It is a closed triangle. You need a process of multiple exposures before most people will buy.

You may get some immediate buyers, but you leave behind lots of other prospects who could be developed into buyers through follow-up if first captures ad leads. You can create a "group dynamic", which encourages a stampede effect. I look forward to hearing from you. Use testimonials in all of your advertising, marketing, and follow-up.

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No BS Direct Marketing by Dan Kennedy: Summary and Notes